FInger Food Platter
FInger Food Platter



FInger Food Platter
FInger Food Platter


Thank you for looking into our platters menu!  Please note that our dishes are all homemade and handmade with no preservatives and/or additives.   Let us know in advance for any allergies or intolerances and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We are happy to adjust the dishes to vegan or vegetarian where is possible.   Ask us for our best offer if you would like us to supply you with table clothes, plates, cutlery etc.  Delivery within Limassol town is free but if you would like to have your order delivered outside Limassol, a small additional fee might be applied depending from location.

Prices: Medium (6-8 persons) €28, Large (10-14 persons) €48  All fruit platters one size (6-10 persons) €15

Mix savoury: Premium cheeses & charcuterie, garlic bread, sausages, meat balls, dips, bread sticks, nuts, olives, crackers, vegetables, cheese bread, olive bread, crisps
Mix sweet: Brownies, lemon drizzle cake slices, carrot cake slices, apple cake slices, fruits, jams, spreads, crackers, dried fruits, biscuits, truffles, marshmallows, scones
Summer Or winter Fruit: (available only in summer or winter!)
Fruit finger
Rainbow fruit salad 
Kids crustless sandwich finger platter: Jam, egg mayonnaise, ham, cheese spread, chocolate spread
British cheese platter: Mature blue stilton, Mature cheddar, Red Leicester, Wensleydale with cranberries*, Double Gloucester*, Smoked Cheddar, crackers cold cuts, seasonal fresh & dry fruits, nuts, chutney (*depending on availability)
Continental Cheese platter: Premium cheeses, cold cuts, nuts, olives, crackers, jam, pâté, dry and seasonal fresh fruits
Pizza: Margherita, Pepperoni, Greekelicious, Classic, Vegetarian
Crudités/Vegetable: Seasonal cooked and raw vegetables, dips, crackers, pitta chips, crostini
Vegan:  Vegan cheese, cooked and raw vegetables, dips, crackers, pitta chips, jams, olives, nuts, olive muffins, spinach pies
Desserts: Brownies, lemon drizzle cake slices, carrot cake slices, apple cake slices
Canape: Selection of premium canape
Deli/Charcuterie platter: Different cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, nuts, olives, pâté, crackers, etc
Savoury snacks: Meatballs, bbq or hot wings, spinach & feta mini tartlets, savoury muffins, kollokithokeftedes (courgette fritters), olive pies, mini quiches & garnishes
Greekelicious: Dolmadakia, keftedakia, mini souvlaki, grilled vegetables, olives, feta, dips, pitta, spanakopitakia, tiropitakia, kolokithokeftedes & garnishes
Cyprilicious: Cypriot cheeses and cold cuts, fruits, nuts, mini souvlaki, koupepia, keftedes, dips, pitta, soutzouko, Cypriot delights, flaounes, baklavadakia & garnishes
Sandwich platters:  Choose your bread option-  Baguette, Rolls, Loaf, Wrap 
Choose maximum of 5 fillings from options below:
Cream cheese turkey avocado, Chicken caesar, Chicken fajita, Southern fried chicken, Vegetables halloumi, Cheddar or Edam cheese, Ham, Egg mayonnaise & cress, Smoked salmon & avocado, Tuna mayo, Tuna & sweetcorn, Cheese & ham, Prawn mayonnaise, Cheddar cheese & pickle ,Cheddar cheese & tomato, Three cheese & onion, Cheese with caramelised onion chutney & rocket, Ham & cheese, Lountza & halloumi, Chicken & halloumi, Chicken & brie, Avocado pesto, Sundried tomato feta fresh tomato avocado & chicken.


You are looking for something which we haven’t got above? Just ask us about it!  Anything else you would like to ask please feel free to get in contact with us on 95785118!