Being brought up in the beautiful island of Cyprus by Greek - Cypriot parents with a great passion for excellent food i was introduced to cooking at a very young age. My late father was a chef for more than 45 years. He worked as a head chef for one of the most prestigious hotels of the islands mountainous region. I always remember our home being full of people as my late mother was an excellent cook too. So in companionship with my father they always had friends around for big dinner parties, Greek style! Both of my parents are still well remembered for their hospitality and their delicious food. After they both passed away I felt, though still really young, that I wanted to continue in their footsteps so I started having friends around and having big Greek feasts too!

And that's how Greekelicious came in to the scene.

Following many compliments from friends and repeated  suggestions by them of opening my own catering company, Greekelicious happened. The idea behind their suggestions  was that there is a need out there for freshly made homecooked food - just as our parents and grandparents would have cooked it - not like any fast food, restaurants or factory made food is produced.

Julia x


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