Homemade Meals

How many times we all wished that we could enjoy a lovely homemade meal like mama used to cook it? We are either tired, unwell or just too busy, and that wish just crushes when we are faced with the reality! But what about the ready meals in supermarkets? Don't you find that they all taste the same and they' ve got  nothing to do with healthy home cooked food? And do you know why? Yes its because they are full of additives, preservatives or colours produced in factories by machinery!

But if, like me, you love your food, you’ll want the very best from a ready meal for you and your family. You won’t want to compromise on taste or quality and you certainly wouldn’t trust a mass produced ready meal. The fact though remains, most of us need a helping hand in the kitchen at some time or another. So that's why at Greekelicious we have for you our homemade meals that are totally different from anything else you have tried until now!


What is the difference between Greekelicious homemade ready meals from the rest?

At my home kitchen, i prepare food by hand. Using the best possible fresh ingredients you could use at your home for your cooking. But the most important fact about my cooking is that i always cook from my heart, as i love making people happy through my cooking, the same way that i would do it for my own family. For frozen meals i then fast freeze them at -35°C so they taste freshly made when you heat them up at home (no additives or preservatives required).

***Delivery is  free of charge within Limassol town but if you would like to have your order delivered outside Limassol a small additional fee might be applied depending from location.

***As we find it unfair for anyone to lose out on healthy delicious food, we are happy to adjust our dishes in order to suit your dietary requirements

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